Vehicle Garbage Bin



For small disposal of garbage while on the go. Ideal for Vehicles .


Garbage Bin can be placed in the cup holder, cubby-hole of the car door, armrest box, etc.


Also clip on feature allowed you to place almost anywhere in your vehicle. 


Have multiple units in the vehicle. 



Dispose of conveniently when needed.






  • Spring cover, can place on desktop, in a car, used to receive peel, wastepaper, etc.
  • Throw the rubbish on the cover can be automatically bounce, convenient save trouble, closed.
  • Product overall height of 20cm
  • The most widest point diameter for 9cm
  • Bottom diameter is 7 cm
  • Material:Plastic
  • Colors: Various






Brand Name: GoodItem
Style: Pressing Type
Shape: ROUND
Type: Storage Bucket
Material: Plastic
Model:: Vinidname-10405